6 Unique Plants Found in the Sahara Desert

Sahara desert scenery, with sunset

The Sahara Desert is huge! It covers a big part of Africa and has some really hot weather. Even though it’s so dry and hot there, Sahara desert plants find a way to grow. These plants have changed so they can live with little water and not very good soil. They got good at surviving … Read more

Why Is the Eye of the Sahara Also Known as the Richat Structure?

The Eye of the Sahara, also known as the Richat Structure, is a striking geological formation located in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania. This massive, circular feature is approximately 50 kilometers in diameter and can be easily seen from space, resembling a giant eye. Known for its concentric rings of rock, this geological wonder has … Read more

7 Resilient Plants Found in the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert in the world, spans across North Africa, covering approximately 9.2 million square kilometers. Known for its harsh and extreme conditions, the Sahara experiences scorching temperatures during the day, plummeting to near-freezing at night, with minimal and sporadic rainfall. These conditions create a challenging environment for any form of … Read more

Why We Must Protect the Sahara Desert Cheetah at all Costs

The Acinonyx jubatus hecki, better known as the Sahara Desert Cheetah, is a critically endangered subspecies of cheetah uniquely adapted to the harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert. These cheetahs are not only a marvel of evolution but also play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitat. Knowing exactly why they … Read more