The African Journal of Rural Development (AFJRD) is an online open access scientific journal that publishes articles on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, December). It is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal with an ultimate purpose of sharing and increasing the depth of knowledge on aspects of sustainable rural development.

Vol. 3 No. 3 (2018): First 1000 Days: Evidence of efforts to ensure the African Journal of Rural Development thrives

In this 2018 Issue of Volume 3, articles on topical subjects including Land-use planning, foresight capacity and fore-sighting for improved food security, crop production (weeds management, pest control mechanisms, and crop improvement) and aspects of Livestock production (dairy cattle feeds and indigenous chicken productivity) are presented. The Journal is open access and all published Issues are available online – various databases. With the growing readership and increasingly dynamic publishing environment, it is (a) important that the journal continues to uphold the gold standard for quality control and (b) hoped that access to the journals published articles will contribute to the evidence-base needed in global debates and practical application of research on various topical subjects indicated above.

Published: 2018-09-30

Magnitude of G x E interaction on root yield of 25 orange and white-fleshed sweetpotato varieties in Kenya

Heritier Mbusa, James Muthomi, Florence M'mogi Olubayo, Ngugi Eliud Kahiu, Benjamin Kivuva, Felister Mbute Nzuve


Biochemicals associated with Callosobruchus chinensis resistance in soybean

Mercy‬ ‪Msiska Ulemu, Weldekidan Belay Miesho, Hailay Mehari Gebremedhn, Samuel Kyamanywa, Patrick Rubaihayo, Thomas Odong , Phinehas Tukamuhabwa, Ephraim Nuwamanya


Land conversion is changing the landscape in the semi-arid Lokere and Lokok Catchments, northeastern Uganda

Richard Osaliya, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Jackson Gilbert Majaliwa Mwanjalolo, Geoffrey Kironchi, Adipala Ekwamu


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The African Journal of Rural Development (AFJRD) is an online open-access journal published quarterly. The AFJRD publishes original research papers comprising emerging issues in rural development; authoritative reviews; synthesis articles and editorials; chapters and book reviews as well as short communications that may not warrant publication as full papers. All submissions must have a focus on sustainable development of rural communities and improving livelihoods generally and as such, authors and contributors will be required to contextualize their work to fit this focus and scope. The primary purpose of the AFJRD is to share knowledge, on all aspects that contribute to sustainable rural development and improving livelihoods and development broadly as widely as possible. All articles and opinions therein published in the AFJRD reflect views of the authors and not necessarily those of the African Journal of Rural Development

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