Insights into efforts to build Africa’s science capacity

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Adipala Ekwamu


This Issue of African Journal of Rural Development (AFJRD) present nine papers related to an Analysis of the Higher Education ecosystem in Malawi, ongoing efforts by RUFORUM (Regional Universities Forum For Capacity Building in Agriculture) to train PhD graduates for Africa in Africa, and an initiative to integrate Problem-based learning in teaching and learning in six African Universities. Six other papers, linked to crop improvement, present research findings from studies conducted to improve pest and disease resistance and enhance nutrition content of selected crop varieties. The studies provide insights into the next steps to develop improved crop varieties for the continent. The key message is that Africa must hasten efforts to strengthen its human and science capacity to drive development efforts in the continent and universities would need to be more integrated in such efforts. Special attention needs to be put into increasing the pool of women scientists in African Universities and Research Organisations, and indeed in broad development and livelihood processes.

Key words: Africa, crop improvement, gender, Higher Education, STI

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