Consumers’ Perception and Attitudes towards Packed Milk Products in Northern Uganda

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Robine Okello
Walter Odongo
Duncan Ongeng


Milk and dairy products are being promoted due to their gradual increase in consumption and the benefits it provides globally. However, consumers have remained skeptical of how its composition is transformed during the production processes. This situation has ramifications on the government and private sector investment in the dairy sector in the country and in the Northern region where dairy development is being promoted. This study assessed consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards packed milk products. Data were collected from 400 milk consumers from two districts of Northern Uganda. We measure and estimated the Mean Attribute Scores (MAS) and Milk Quality Response Index (MQRI) to assess the level of consumer’s perception of various milk quality attributes. Results indicate a positive perception of consumers towards packed milk products. MQRI based quality attributes significantly influenced consumer’s acceptance of packed milk products. Consumers perceived packed milk products to be relatively better in terms of its quality attributes irrespective of socio-demographic characteristics. Milk processing and marketing companies could launch an awareness campaign to educate consumers on the utility of packed milk quality attributes while offering packed milk products at a fair prices to the consumers. Future studies could focus on addressing the safety issues to maintain a positive attitude of consumers to increase packed milk product consumption.

Key words: Packed Milk, determinants, consumer perception, food safety, consumer behavior, Uganda

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