Effectiveness of communication channels in dissemination of fall armyworm information on maize production in Kenya

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Chipango Lukungu
Evans L. Chimoita
Hillary Nyanganga
Felister Nzuve


Effective communication channels have played an imperative role in the dissemination of information to farmers. This study sought to assess effectiveness of information communication channels used in dissemination of information on fall armyworm in maize production amongst farmers in Lugari-Kakamega County, Kenya. The study employed a descriptive research. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected through key informant’s interviews, household questionnaires and focused group discussions. Radio was rated as the most effective channel. Extension agents were rated as accessible and disseminated authentic information to farmers. The study established a strong relationship between the formally employed farmers and phone, and television ownership which provided necessary income for acquisition of technologies. There was also a positive relationship between youth and computer/ laptop ownership. The study recommends that County governments should enhance dissemination of information via radio in both local and Kiswahili languages. There is also need for re-tooling of extension agents on modern pest control methods.
Keywords: Fall armyworms, information communication channels, Kenya, maize production

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